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I'm Shelly Cunningham, the girl behind all of the creations on ShellySea. Art has always been a part of me since I can remember. When I was little I was always creating something - whether it be drawing on scraps of paper, or creating my own bow and arrow out of tree limbs and leaves - it was in my blood and overflowing in my imagination.

When I was little I won a contest with the local newspaper, my drawing of a horse (that resembled a hot dog more than anything horse- like) and I appeared in the paper and I won $10. Right then I knew I wanted this as a career, and I wanted to be a cartoonist!
As things usually go, my hopes and dreams changed, but my heart remained in the field of art (and I still want to be a cartoonist, just the children's book illustration kind). I later attended Southern Oregon University and studied art, film, and photography. There I learned the history of art (sadly, learning about post-modernism -ew!), and experimented with many art forms and ideas. I would say I honed my style in that time, but that would be a lie.

I used to try to stick to rules and search for "my style", but then I finally gave up and decided to let the art be what it wanted to be, even if it wasn't what I thought it should be. This took a long time for me to come to and accept, but once I did my imagination was free and I felt like I could truly make art. Since then I have found myself exploring my ideas and painting more often. For me, art is about expression and impression, both on the viewer and myself.

My art is about the memory of things, not always the way they are exactly, but the way my imagination sees them.