The Shop

ShellySea is an illustration and design shop based in Oregon consisting of whimsical illustrations, simplistic, clean design, and artistic photography.

As a business we offer original illustration limited archival prints, paper goods, custom illustrations,  hand-scripted logo design, and photography prints.

Art Prints
My art prints are all giclée (zhee-KLAY) archival prints. Prints sized 8×10 are all printed in-house using an Epson printer with pigment archival inks on a variety of acid-free, archival quality papers. Larger prints are printed at a professional print lab on archival photo paper.
 Each print is inspected by me – I cut the paper, feed the printer (om nom nom), and check the print for quality. 

Custom work
Any custom work is a case by case basis and can vary in price. I can make adjustments in print sizes or make special paper good requests. Custom painting commissions are accepted on a case by case basis, please contact me with requests. I only do a certain amount of commissions per year, depending on my availability.

Art & Illustration

My illustrations reflect my imagination – full of whimsy, and silly, beautiful things! I love to create images that bring a little sunshine into a cloudy world. Sharing my creations with others is the best part of having a little art shop. Knowing I can bring happiness and smiles to people is the best reward.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t draw, whether it be on napkins at dinner or while taking notes in school (I took a few notes too!). I even lose a lot of sleep because of art – my mind does its best art right before I fall asleep.
I used to try to stick to rules and search for “my style”, but then I finally gave up and decided to let the art be what it wanted to be, even if it wasn’t what I thought it should be. Since then I have found myself exploring my ideas and painting more often.
My art is about the memory of things, not always the way they are exactly, but the way my imagination sees them.


My photography is inspired by everything around me – nature especially. If I could take a picture of everything I would! I have this idea that my camera is like a time machine and every time I take a photo I’m stopping time for just that little bit – it’s like magic! Nothing compares to looking at a photo and remembering the story behind it. I want those stories and images to live on, hopefully making you remember some story of your own that’s been long forgotten.

The Girl

I live in beautiful Oregon, where I enjoy spending my adventures with my husband, two cats, a bunny, and a crazy little sled dog. Like most people’s journey, I thought I had it all planned out, but my path got shifted many times, which is completely fine – that’s how I found my way here! Thanks to amazing parents, they never stopped encouraging me to do what I loved, not what just made money. They would tell me, “When you do what you love, you’ll never feel like you’ve worked a day!”.
As a new college student I got a bit confused and stuck in the “fit in somewhere”, “make money”, “you have to pick a path”. God has a funny way of getting you back on track. I think some of us listen when He’s putting signs up along the path, even if they’re obstructed with weeds and branches. After being struck with a respiratory virus it changed my health (and my entire life), I realized that my art might help me. So, I started my etsy shop.

It was slow going for a long time. I was scared to put my art up for sale, so I just put up my photography prints. Somehow I got the courage to try putting an art print up for sale, and guess what – it sold! Eventually I ended up here, doing my art as a full time career and loving every single minute of it. It still has a long way to go, but so do I!

My journey is about imagination, beauty, and finding your own way. Fitting into a form, liking what’s trending, and blending in is boring. It’s not living. My goal is to bring a touch of imagination, whimsy, and to inspire dreaming . Life is short, that’s why it should be enjoyed. Always seeing beyond what is there, taking a moment to live in this moment, watching a sunset, seeing a lunar eclipse, or just looking up because the sky is just absolutely beautiful. Live a full life, not a busy one.