Insta-life | My week in instagram Aug. 3-10, 2013

While my week hasn’t been terribly full of exciting activities, I like to think every day is its own tiny adventure in some way. Right now I’m in northern Oregon visiting my lovely Grandma for her 77th birthday =)

1. Smokey sky sunset // 2. Veggie vegan curry, so yummy! // 3. New art in the works!
4. A huge furball off of my huge furball // 5. Basket full of yummy plums after garden sitting for a neighbor // 6. Plum comparison: I liked the one at the top best.
7. Pretty grapevine at my neighbors // 8. Strange grass-hopper-like bug on the stairwell of my sisters apartment. // 9. Beautiful sunset and sun rays on a nearly smoke-free night.
10. Plums look like Easter eggs on a tree!

What you don’t see but made my week happy:

  • Amazing downpour of rain and sadly accompanied by thunder and lightening (I say this because my area of Oregon is practically engulfed in wild fires – that’s almost an exaggeration – seriously).
  • Jamba Juice, my dear love ♥
  • Fun, crazy car-ride with my parents for 4 hours. Things I’ll never forget.
  • Frog hunting with my nephew Darrin.

How was your week?
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