Making your own Wedding invitations


I realized I hadn’t shared the wedding invitations I made for our wedding. Now I’ve been married almost 3 months! Better late than never, eh?

Making my own invitations was one of those things that I hadn’t intended to add to my to-do list at the time of wedding prep, but after looking for invitations and having no luck finding the one, I made one more check box on that list.

Actually, I’m really glad I caved in and took on the large task of invitations (really, they’re not as easy as one might think), they’re unique to me and my husband, and they really reflect my style. The only re-do I would have done now is to make the decision early and get them done that much sooner. Ah well, they were a bit late, it was a small wedding anyway.

Onto the images!


WeddingInv_003 SR_invitations-005

I wanted to be able to put a watercolor wash on each invitation individually (now that’s a time saver – ha!), so I printed my invitations on Fabriano watercolor color paper with Epson pigment inks. 
I ended up adding a hint of yellow to the lanterns and a bit of green to the foliage, along with the blue-toned wash over the entire invitation. This gave each one a unique look and watercolor pattern that I was so happy with!



For some finishing touches, I created an insert for my plain off-white envelope. I painted a solid watercolor painting, added some salt and let it do it’s thing to create texture. Then I scanned the finished piece, and printed it on regular printer paper over a template to fit my envelope.

I also used some ribbon and a wax seal to tie (literally) all of the invitation components together. By the way, the wax sticks that go into a regular sized glue gun are amazing! I couldn’t believe how much time it saved me, and it kept the wax at the perfect temperature.

In my experience, wedding planning is not the easiest, or most fun thing to spend your time doing, but in the end it really does make it all worth it. Especially when you have put so much time in crafting and creating your memories. Just remember, just breathe! It’s all going to work out, even if you do forget your cake toppers and guestbook, and send someone to fetch them but don’t give them a key to the house – it’s going to work out just like it should!

(Those things really did happen! I ended up with a mini pop figure of Anna from Frozen, and an Aquaman figurine for cake toppers, and it was awesome!)

So go on, make your own invitations, just start earlier than I did! Or you could hire me to do them ;)